Hiring a specialised company to manage the property, such as MR Gestió, eliminates the need to be concerned about unforeseen events or conflicts that may arise on the property.

Managing and administering a property takes time and commitment. In addition to some experience to make things easier and ensure that all procedures and formalities are completed correctly. We make ourselves available to the owners’ associations throughout the area from our office in Cambrils to provide peace of mind and make things easier.

Experience in association management

We have over twenty years of experience managing owner’s associations and properties at MR Gestió, and we make this technical knowledge available to our clients in order to solve any problem and make the most efficient and beneficial decisions in order to ensure coexistence in the property.

Professional management of owner’s associations and properties saves members of the community time and effort. At MR Gestió, we relieve the owners of the burden of managing and solving problems by handling any necessary paperwork or administrative management.

Financial management and security

Managing the accounts of any association can be difficult if you lack specific knowledge and experience; thus, at MR Gestió Cambrils, we offer our services to help the community function properly. Because we control expenses, collect fees, and ensure the association’s solvency, the owners don’t have to worry about anything.

Safety and property protection are top priorities for the association and, by extension, the management company. To ensure the safety of all property residents, we can hire security guards or install cameras for video surveillance of the common areas. We manage the property’s insurance policy to cover unforeseen events and incidents, which also contributes to the owners’ peace of mind.

Conflict resolution

The management company is also responsible for resolving disputes between owners, landlords, and tenants. MR Gestió specialises in resolving coexistence conflicts and providing solutions in a timely and efficient manner. To ensure peace and coexistence on the property, we can resolve issues such as delinquency control or non-payment of invoices through the courts.